Welcome to Walthamstow,
über-cool E17.

We love this part of London town. It’s why we live and work here. It’s packed full of creativity, character and cool. But it’s still got its untouched corners. We like that. It means it’s real.

It also means young, urban professionals from the creative industries are flocking here, seduced by the wonders of Walthamstow. Good news if you’re looking to sell or rent your home.

What sort of properties are they looking for? Everything from cool apartments, to larger homes with original features, to doer-uppers they can put their stamp on to swanky pads with all the latest kit they can rent.

About us

The three reasons
sellers and landlords
pick East & Co.

Amazing feedback

"Hands down the best estate agents we went to in London". Lucia De La Villa (tenant).

"Daniel and his team were brilliant every step of the way". Will Eke (buyer).

"Sold my flat quickly and provided excellent updates throughout the sale process". Rob Langtry (seller).

"I would certainly recommend them as a breath of fresh air in the world of estate agents". Nicola Hodges (landlord).

Online agent prices. High street service.

We have a range of services, so you can choose to sell your home the way you want to. This includes a fixed fee, similar to how online estate agents work. (Although we have the added benefit of our friendly Hoe Street office where you can swing by for a chat and a free cup of coffee.)

Is there anything worse than estate agent mumbo jumbo? We cringe at the sales patter some of these sales guys come out with. Here's the thing. If you want to sell or let your property, we want to help you. And we do that using straightforward language across the board. From how we describe your home, to how we talk to you or your solicitor. We’re a jargon-free zone.


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